Camp Hall is an industrial park for the next generation of business and its workforce. From its earliest designs, Camp Hall has been rooted in intuitive infrastructure, logical layout and globally competitive workforce draw. The result is a logistically advantageous workspace built for industrial growth.

After technical-site-selection requirements are met, intangibles such as quality of life become a focus — and this is where Camp Hall shines. By developing around the modern demands of the workforce in this space, Camp Hall fosters the ability to live life to the fullest.


  • Attracting global companies
  • Boosting local and state economies
  • Supporting a thriving retail and small-business environment


  • People-first planning
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Proximity to grocery, dining and medical services


  • Master-planned mixed-use and residential communities nearby
  • Established towns surrounding Camp Hall
  • Affordable, accessible housing

What Workers Want

Santee Cooper began with research, asking the workforce what mattered most to them (besides a good job). Here’s how they describe “an amazing place to work”:

  • A campus-type facility with on-site total wellness and health center, game time, continuing education
  • More parking spaces, more outside benches for lunch and breaks
  • A variety of places to eat
  • Healthy food options and a place for daily exercise
  • Other services for lunch-hour errands: dry-cleaning, auto services
  • Daycare center for shift workers

“We spend a lot of time at work … It’s just nice I guess to see companies invest in their employees’ overall health and social needs.”

– Camp Hall MAU Associate Survey Participants
Permar Inc./Hargett Consulting, LLC

Camp Hall delivers.