Camp Hall provides worldwide access via connected interstate, nearby airports and deepwater ports. And on site, a commitment to providing high-quality utility infrastructure will support the needs of future users and help attract world-class employers.

A brand-new, dedicated highway interchange is under construction, along with a comprehensive network of mobility options, including miles of on-site, three- to five-lane primary arterial roads.

Sanitary sewer and portable water services for Camp Hall are provided by Berkeley County Water and Sanitation via new mains and supporting infrastructure. Phase One was completed in 2018, and additional branch mains will be extended to individual sites within Camp Hall as needed in the future.

In line with the needs of a 21st century workspace, Camp Hall is actively working with mobile network providers to ensure connectivity throughout the campus. In addition, Camp Hall will have redundancy in fiber and power services — a must-have for the modern-day workforce.



On-Site Interchange (2019)
Water: Berkeley County/On-site
Wastewater: Berkeley County/On-site
Nearest Gas: SCE&G
Nearest Gas Line Size: 8” (distribution)
Distance to Nearest Gas Line: On-site
Alternative Gases: None Available
Electric: Santee Cooper, Berkeley Electric Coop, Edisto Electric Coop (redundant & diverse)
Telecom: Home Telecom (redundant & diverse)
Fiber-Optics: Home Telecom/On-site (redundant & diverse)
Rail Access (future): CSX/Palmetto Rail