The Camp Hall commerce park is just a short drive – 30 miles, to be exact – from the bustling metro of Charleston, South Carolina. Even more, it is located just off of I-26, making accessibility easier than ever for employees commuting to the park.

The highly anticipated I-26 and Volvo Car Drive interchange will officially open on Thursday, August 29, increasing Camp Hall’s accessibility to nearby residential communities, downtown Charleston, Myrtle Beach International Airport and Charleston International Airport as well as multiple Charleston ports.

After breaking ground in June of 2018, Camp Hall began working on building infrastructure to support the area’s growing industry, assisting Volvo Cars with construction of its $1.1 billion automobile plant and constructing direct access to I-26 for an easy exchange to and from the major highway connecting South Carolina’s coast to the Upstate.

With a commitment to eco-friendly design, state-of-the-art technology, intuitive infrastructure – including an eventual rail service – and a goal to connect people, place and industry, Camp Hall provides worldwide access and an attractive quality of life for the workforce.

Learn more about how Camp Hall is designed for industry to thrive.

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