The interstate exchange, which connects I-26 directly to the Camp Hall commerce park, brings direct access to an industrial hub just 30 miles from bustling Charleston.

“It’s a direct access for the Volvo plant… but it is also a direct access for those who will be locating in the Camp Hall business park, and we are very excited about that,” said Robby Robbins, Chairman of the South Carolina Department of Transportation Commission. “We are trying to create a new business area out here. This concept is years in the making, but we hope to change some traffic patterns and have people coming out here to work instead of people going in the other direction. We envision this entire area being a place where people are coming to work.”

“This is an example of teamwork. It’s also an example of people keeping their word,” shared Governor Henry McMaster. “The companies I’ve talked to say the same thing about South Carolina: The three reasons why [they] come to South Carolina are because of the people, the people, [and] the people. It’s this kind of development, this kind of business, this kind of prosperity that will allow us to have all we need to spread education and stronger families all over our state.”

Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall remarked, “Our mission includes supporting economic development in our state. This project not only provides an efficient system for moving goods, but it also presented the opportunity to provide jobs.”

Berkeley County anticipates 10,000 newly created jobs in the area because of the site development opportunities at the 6,800-acre park. With a nearby workforce of nearly 500,000 and easy access to a work environment prepared for commerce, convenience and community, Camp Hall is ready for the next wave of industry.

Learn more about how Camp Hall’s master plan is designed for industry and built to thrive.



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