This award recognizes Santee Cooper for going above and beyond environmental requirements to build better community relationships, promote environmental sustainability and resiliency, and improve the quality of life for communities.

“DHEC’s Environmental Affairs was pleased to award the 2018 Community Star to Santee Cooper, in part for their collaboration with community partners and other businesses to preserve the wetlands at Camp Hall. This is just one of the many ways that Santee Cooper demonstrates the value of environmental sustainability to the community they serve,” said Myra Reece, director of Environmental Affairs at DHEC.

Santee Cooper preserved 1,950 acres of the park and is restoring 365 acres of wetlands on the site. Water from the site drains to Timothy Creek and Four Hole Swamp, homeland to a variety of swamp trees, bird and aquatic life. The National Audubon Society owns more than 16,000 acres of the swamp. By consulting with Audubon, Santee Cooper found improving Timothy Creek was a priority for its conservation efforts.

“Audubon and Santee Cooper continue to work to ensure environmental stewardship remains a focus at Camp Hall. As a result of these efforts, thousands of high paying jobs are being created in combination with environmental sustainability, a win for the community and our wildlife,” said Sharon Richardson, executive director of Audubon South Carolina and vice president of National Audubon Society, in a letter to DHEC.

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