With a healthy population blend of young, skilled and seasoned employees, the Charleston market has a wide variety of readily available workers. Though the age range is fairly diverse, the largest bracket is ages 25-54. This is a telltale factor as to why this area is so vibrant — the largest percentage of residents are either just learning the ropes or truly hitting their professional stride.

The Charleston region stands ready with a workforce of over 350,000. An average of 34 new people move to the region daily, and it’s no surprise why. The quality of life that the Charleston market offers is unparalleled.

Santee Cooper began with research, asking the
workforce what mattered most to them.

“[At my previous job] there was nowhere to go outside and go for a walk to relax for a little bit from the high stress of the manufacturing environment. I would like to see an industrial complex that offers a potential for healthy food options and a place to get daily exercise.”

– Camp Hall MAU Associate Survey Participant
Permar Inc./Hargett Consulting, LLC

Camp Hall answered.

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