Along with Camp Hall’s holistic approach to community development, Camp Hall is committed to maintaining an environment that is authentic to the natural habitat of coastal South Carolina. 28% of the site’s 6,800+ acres will be preserved land devoted to natural growth, wildlife habitats and features developed to maintain and improve a healthy, local ecosystem

Projects on-site, including replacing the existing pine plantings with native species that once thrived here, will utilize a variety of innovative solutions to support natural systems and living infrastructure, such as incorporating bioswales in stormwater treatment and providing pollinator habitats.

Camp Hall is committed to:

  • The restoration of approximately 365 acres of wetlands impacted by years of intensive silviculture
  • The permanent protection of approximately 1,950 acres of land, including approximately 1,265 acres of freshwater wetlands
  • The elimination of the recurring land disturbances necessitated by the repeated planting and harvesting of monoculture forests of Loblolly pine
  • The opportunity to restore wildlife habitat for a substantial number of native South Carolina species
  • Developing and maintaining a Pollinator Pathway designed for birds, bees, and butterflies to help keep the local ecosystem running.
  • The development of a multi-use trail system designed to benefit both the workers of Camp Hall and the larger community by providing a place for recreation and engagement with nature, and for the larger community.


The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) recognized the Camp Hall Commerce Park with DHEC’s prestigious Community Star award.

How we treat our land, how we build upon it, how we act toward our air and water, in the long run, will tell what kind of people we really are.

–Laurance S. Rockefeller

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