“Chip” Charles L. Corrigan

Engineer III, Capital Projects

Chip Corrigan is an Engineer III for the Property Management team at Santee Cooper, where he oversees coordination efforts related to permitting, planning and infrastructure design and development for the Camp Hall project. His focus is on field oversight and coordination of contractors, surveyors, and quality control technicians for  Camp Hall development contracts; assisting with the design, development and permitting efforts between consultants, engineers, contractors, local governments, and permitting agencies; coordinating the Camp Hall data room; and assisting with Camp Hall Requests for Information (RFI).

Chip is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Chip has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Clemson University.  He is a Professional Engineer licensed in the state of SC since 2014.

Chip resides in Summerville with his wife, Jessica.

Phone: (843) 761-7062