Camp Hall’s holistic approach to community development results in a people-focused design that simplifies the needs of day-to-day activities and enhances the overall quality of life. The miles of multi-use trails planned for walking, cycling and biking, plus active and passive parks, open spaces and more, make daily connection to the outdoors effortless. Easily accessible shopping, healthcare, childcare and other amenities put a well-balanced life within reach of the Camp Hall workforce.

Beyond the boundaries of Camp Hall, the Lowcountry offers a superior work/life balance compared to many metro areas. Close proximity to a number of bodies of water (lakes, rivers and the Atlantic Ocean) reminds residents daily of their intended connection to nature. And, with the cultural hub of downtown Charleston so close to Camp Hall, residents are never far from a delicious meal, a live performance or a historical site. Whether workers are biking along miles of trails or taking the kids for a picnic in the park, Camp Hall offers a high quality of life near one of the most desirable cities in the world.