2017 Workforce Draw Area

Population 954,849
Labor Force 481,841
Median Household Income $50,130

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Employment growth in the Charleston area has been steady since 2010, with the unemployment rate below the state and national averages.

Though the age range of area workers is fairly diverse, the largest bracket of readily available employees includes those ages 25-54. This is a telltale indicator as to why this area is so vibrant: The largest percentage of residents are either just learning the ropes or truly hitting their professional stride.

The Charleston region has a slightly higher than national average number of millennials, providing potential employers with the ability to recruit and retain younger employees for their operation than in other locations.

Job growth in the region has been greater than that of South Carolina and the nationwide, and is expected to increase 10-15% over the next 10 years.

There are an estimated 64,997 underemployed workers, of which 3,638 are in manufacturing.

These numbers of a gauge of employed individuals who either work part-time but prefer full-time positions, work in a non-permanent position but seek a permanent position, or are overqualified for their current position due to a range of factors. Underemployment is a critical measure in quantifying the real, available workforce — especially for new and expanding firms in a community as they ramp-up operations.

Employers looking to hire: At or above an average wage of: # in pool from which to draw (who currently have similar or exact job)
Front-Line Supervisors $25 per hour 1,040
Production-Relations Positions $15 per hour 16,437
Administrative-Related Positions $15 per hour 39,040

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Source: BLS; Hargett Consulting, LLC; May 2019.